Chinese New Year Greetings

A short note to wish all those celebrating the Chinese New Year a relaxing break. This is the Year of the Pig. Considered a symbol of wealth, the pig’s chubby face and big ears serve as symbols of fortune. The pig is also considered a realistic creature and one who puts actions behind [...]

實習生存術 — 學會這三招,公關實習沒在怕

「故事,一直都在」(The Story Is Always There)。 我想起一年的自己因為這一句話,不甘心回台後只能平庸地等待開學,於是在看見實習職缺的當下立刻著手準備履歷、求職信。然後我就在這了,在霍夫曼公關(The Hoffman Agency,以下稱Hoffman),看著這12個月的公關探險之旅畫下尾聲。 但事實是,即便到了第一次現場支援的那天,我還是不確定身為一名公關實習生,我該做到什麼、我能做到什麼。只知道,面子是最應該放下的堅持,如果有不清楚的地方就要及時提問,也不要糾結在錯誤當中,不二犯比什麼都來得要緊。 時間就這樣咻地走了,在一天天失敗成長、吸收新知的過程中,有很多的期待,也多了很多的壓力與挑戰。幸好,現在的我終於知道我有能力做到什麼,也終於明白「故事,一直都在」,到底在說什麼、為什麼重要。 公關產業不只是辦活動、寫新聞稿,它們是溝通觀念的工具之一,但要成為一名優秀的公關顧問,我們(是的,實習生也包含在內)要學習成為客戶的夥伴,讓自己具備客戶所在產業的專業知識、熟悉行業產品,才能根據不同的產業對症下藥,進而提供有效的公關決策諮詢。 「故事,一直都在」,則是 Hoffman 提供公關顧問服務的宗旨,也是我們在發想任何策略的核心精神。創辦人 Lou Hoffman 更是以此理念出發,發展出公關專屬的元素周期表,透過這些策略,我們相信可以更加地貼近品牌、挖掘價值,向世界傳播更加雋永、精彩的故事。 正因為這一份對「故事」的堅持,在 Hoffman,我們理解彼此的模樣,也找到能理解自己的工作夥伴,就算外界的聲音紛亂且永不平息,在面對挑戰的每一刻,我們能真心地信任團隊、能開心地擁抱彼此,能堅持地走在這條路上很久、很久。 說來容易,但在這樣一個瞬息萬變的產業中,我深刻體會到,僅僅只是具備學習熱忱對實習生來說絕對不夠。以下,和大家分享幾個常見但至關重要的技巧,若你也想順利完成交辦任務、成功為正職同事提供協助,這三招趕快筆記下來! 華文作家張西曾寫到,「如果有一件事真的讓你感到困惑,那就出發去尋找答案」。在為這一趟實習旅程做出小結的同時,也想把這句話送給大家。 離開校園的未來,斑斕而沒有形狀,既然我們永遠都無法做好準備,何不提早開始體驗?在 Hoffman,你會看見真正的職場狀況、面對最真實迫切的商業問題,唯有試過才知道自己擅不擅長、喜不喜歡。 就出發去尋找答案吧!不容易,但值得期待。

Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

It's that time of year.

Connecting Dots on the Map: Building Bridges Across Hoffman APAC

By Cecilia Zhong, Senior Account Executive “Cecilia’s company is sending her to work in Asia for four months,” said my husband to his boss. “You are not gonna quit and join her company, are you?” asked his boss, half-jokingly. They were talking about the sweet gig I got: a 15-week work trip across Hong Kong, [...]

Hoffman Agency Names Thomas Franky as General Manager in Indonesia

By Caroline Hsu, Managing Director, Asia Pacific We have doubled down on Indonesia, today announcing that Thomas Franky will join the Agency to lead our Indonesia team. You don’t hear much about the Indonesian market in the West. We believe that is about to change. Consider that PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that Indonesia will constitute the fifth [...]

Advocating for the PR Profession at Wenzhou-Kean University in China

By Frank Zhang DGM Hoffman China Sitting on the train from Shanghai to Wenzhou, I had time to contemplate a simple question: What were students from Wenzhou-Kean University, a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution, expecting to hear from an international communications consultancy? I arrived at the venue 30 minutes early. It turns out that [...]

Singapore Team Moves Into New Digs

Nothing says “things are on a pretty good roll” like running out of office space. With that as a backdrop, our Singapore team recently moved into new office space that comes with elbow space. Check out the video below that captures the office vibe. Once again proving “the story is always there.”

WeChat Campaign in China Offers Glimpse into the Future of Communications

This headline and the post below appeared five years ago. Well, the future has officially arrived. Our China team is now building self-contained campaigns around WeChat every week, some of which are designed for lead generation. Think of these campaigns as social CRM or if you insist SCRM. The New York Times created a video [...]

Agency Leaders Attend Rigorous Cooking Class in the Spirit of Team Building

Asia Pacific MD Caroline Hsu led a three-day regional summit last week. After two days of discussions, brainstorming, and yes, a “few” PowerPoint presentations, day three gave new meaning to the phrase, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Breaking into four teams, participants cooked a traditional four-course Thai meal: Tom [...]

Opening the Doors to Our New Digs in Taiwan 抵家

By Stephanie Yang, Account Director, Hoffman Taiwan On a burning hot summer day, Hoffman Taiwan held a housewarming party at our new office — which happens to have one of the best views of Taipei. The photo above, fit for a postcard, was taken from our office on the 30th floor during the big event. [...]

Translating a Silicon Valley Culture in Japan

By Shingo Nomura, Vice President, North Asia for The Hoffman Agency I joined The Hoffman Agency to lead its Japan office in 2002. After roughly four years at a traditional local PR company in Japan, I found the idea of blending a Silicon Valley mentality with the Japanese way quite appealing. While I didn’t understand exactly [...]