February 2016

19 Years and 135 Days Since This PR Agency Entered Asia (But Who’s Counting?)

The Agency opened its doors in Asia on Oct. 20, 1996. It has been an amazing, fun, torturous, weird, satisfying, frustrating and enlightening run. This blog celebrates the looming 20-year milestone, lending a voice to all the people who contributed to our success in the region. I made my first trip to [...]

Trek to Asia Explores the Fun in Language

The above photo depicts the front of a store in Shanghai called “Children’s Food.” I’m thinking such a store capitalizes on all parents’ quest to give their kids the best — the best education, the best nutrition, etc. Not quite. It turns out “Children’s Food” sells candy. Row after row after row of every type of candy you can imagine. I never thought of malt balls and gummy bears as children’s food. With that said, I admire the owner’s pluck in putting a positive spin on candy.

Revisiting the Definition of Global Public Relations

Global PR is more than just the dots on a map. The most important factor in the success or failure of an international PR campaign comes down to mentality. Two basic questions go a long way toward revealing the presence of a global mentality: Do the account team members collaborate in [...]