Hoffman Hong Kong

After setting up offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing, the Agency chose Hong Kong as the ideal setting for its fourth office in Asia. With a world-class telecommunications infrastructure and an emerging tech sector, the city was a natural fit for the agency’s heritage and style of communications.

That was in the year 2000.

Thankfully, technology and the world survived the new millennium, and The Hoffman Agency in Hong Kong has been at the forefront of the city’s evolution from colonial port to regional powerhouse. During these years our humble office has helped many of the world’s top tech brands enter Hong Kong and expand into China, coached countless senior executives on how to flourish in front of the press, and won a couple awards along the way. In fact, PR Week recognized our digital work for MetLife Hong Kong this year.

tableThe Hoffman team in Hong Kong helps our local, regional and international clients increase mindshare among the media across all platforms. Our band of communications professionals comprise integrated communications specialists who run campaigns across traditional, social and digital platforms.

Because Hong Kong is near China and other financial capitals in Asia, Chinese and other multinational corporations utilize Hoffman Hong Kong as a springboard to reach out to the rest of the world.

Our media relations experts work closely with the local and international media on a daily basis, and our event professionals manage large-scale and successful media events for clients’ product and company launches.

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant, connected cities in the world in terms of Internet penetration; technology is rooted in the lives of our people. This is why we have a complete suite of services available for our clients. We’re deeply experienced in not only engaging the media and crafting social strategy, but we deliver better outcomes with our story-driven brand engagement that incorporates the best practices of SEO.

All great campaigns begin and end with riveting stories, powerful visuals and an eye on Google search rankings.