Hoffman Japan

Welcome to Hoffman Japan! We are based in Tokyo, with our world headquarters in the Silicon Valley. In other words, we are at the intersection of Japan and the rest of the world.

When you hear Silicon Valley, what do you imagine? It’s the center of the greatest innovation in the world where many high-tech companies such as Apple, Intel, Google and Facebook were born. It’s no coincidence that our Silicon Valley heritage is reflected in our client portfolio.

Since being established in 1998, Hoffman Japan has supported more than a 100 tech companies to do business in the Japan market — one of the most unique and complex markets in the world. We have deep experience in many sectors, including: semiconductor, software & hardware, consumer electronics, e-commerce, finance, Internet, etc., in both the B2B and B2C fields. (As an interesting aside, we not only have in-depth understanding of technologies and clients’ business, but we also know what kinds of Japanese dishes that prominent CEOs love.

Our Hoffman Japan staff is nationalized very much in cross-culture environment, and we understand both the Japanese way and global needs. Our teams routinely work with both the clients’ Japanese office and global HQ office located in other geographies. Experience is key. More than 40 percent of our staff has 15 years or more PR and marketing communications experience. We provide consultation on not just the media and business landscape, but also on how to bridge cultural gaps that impede corporate success.

Equally important, unlike other agencies, our employee turnover rate is very low. Over the last three years, our retention rate is more than 90 percent. We care for people and are team-oriented. Although our staff works very hard, we play hard too. And we’re not bad dancers either. Check out our office video here:

The point here (in case you missed the video) is that we know how to work in harmony with each other with great commitment on your behalf. Your Hoffman consultant will always be there with you.

Asia Pacific is the hottest market in the world. The Asian population accounts for 50 percent among total world populations. In fact, more than half of our global revenue is generated in Asia. On the other hand, there are lots of Asian companies — both well-established brands as well as startups and SMBs — that look toward the global market. Based on our heritage and core company assets, we are your trusted communication advisor in Japan and across the globe.