Hoffman Korea

Welcome to Hoffman Korea, the premier multinational communications company with a deep understanding of the Korean market as well as expertise and talent across the region and across the globe. With global headquarters in Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, our Korea office is based in Seoul — the Soul of Asia.

We have been serving multinational organizations to make successful inroads into the Korean market and build their reputations and retain them through tailored approaches and customized services. We also help a wide range of Korean companies — from small to medium-size to multinational companies — go overseas through well-orchestrated approaches in close cooperation with global headquarters in Silicon Valley and regional headquarters in Asia Pacific and Europe.

We are experts in leveraging content and thinking across geographies and cultures to generate better results for clients with regional and global needs. Being better storytellers and business strategists, we deliver exceptional results through our unique approaches using both traditional and digital techniques to provide meaningful and insightful impact on our clients’ needs.

With our strong heritage in working with technology and start-up firms, we have been continuously extending our business to include non-tech areas such as education, finance and automotive.

In short, the Hoffman Agency Korea has been the trusted partner to customers in and out of Korea for more than 14 years. We will always be the one partner who truly understands the needs of current and potential customers and delivers tailored solutions for both traditional and digital communications.