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Lou Hoffman, CEO, The Hoffman Agency

March 2017

Playing the Long Game in China

(Post originally appeared on Ishmael's Corner) When we entered the China market in 1999, I shared with our staff that our long-term success in Asia depended on China. I no longer believe this. Instead, it’s clear to me that our long-term success on the international front depends on China. When we [...]

September 2016

Hoffman’s Singapore Office .1 Mile from Hawker Stand that Wins Michelin Star

Having called this blog “Chicken Rice of the Soul,” we have a certain obligation to cover the news that the Singaporean hawker stand, “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle”— obviously didn’t hire a branding expert to create the name — earned a Michelin star. When Chef Chan Hon Meng received [...]

June 2016

Asia Pacific Reunion in Silicon Valley

Maureen Tseng’s visit to Silicon Valley late last year — Mo was AP employee No. 1 joining the Agency in early 1997 — was cause for an impromptu reunion. Mo’s sister and brother-in-law, who also happen to be the parents of one of our account managers in Hoffman’s Silicon Valley office, Lauren [...]

April 2016

Did You Hear the One About the Nail That Stood Out?

The year was 2000. I had just arrived in Seoul after 13 hours in the air and contorting my frame to the dreaded middle seat. Normally, I would take the blue bus to the hotel. But I was two hours away from speaking at a conference staged by a Korean version [...]

March 2016

No Tears Shed in Departing the “Chocolate Building” in Beijing

When The China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) building in Beijing flung open its doors in 1985, its 29 floors qualified it as the tallest building in town. Even 15 years later when we entered China, the address still carried prestige though it had long ago lost its title as [...]

February 2016

19 Years and 135 Days Since This PR Agency Entered Asia (But Who’s Counting?)

The Agency opened its doors in Asia on Oct. 20, 1996. It has been an amazing, fun, torturous, weird, satisfying, frustrating and enlightening run. This blog celebrates the looming 20-year milestone, lending a voice to all the people who contributed to our success in the region. I made my first trip to [...]

Trek to Asia Explores the Fun in Language

The above photo depicts the front of a store in Shanghai called “Children’s Food.” I’m thinking such a store capitalizes on all parents’ quest to give their kids the best — the best education, the best nutrition, etc. Not quite. It turns out “Children’s Food” sells candy. Row after row after row of every type of candy you can imagine. I never thought of malt balls and gummy bears as children’s food. With that said, I admire the owner’s pluck in putting a positive spin on candy.