Bridget Kow, Senior Account Executive, The Hoffman Agency Singapore

Hi. My name is Bridget Kow. I’ve been working in The Hoffman Agency for five years and counting.

Welcome to the world of Communications. Or in my own words, “The Communications Autobahn.”

Why “Autobahn?” Besides the fact that it makes PR seem cooler, it is an analogy on how fast pace this industry is.

In 2011, I took on a role in The Hoffman Agency (Singapore) on what was supposed to be a quick dip into the world of communications. Everyone told me I’m better off in marketing or advertising.

At the time, I had never done any PR work before. I had no content creation experience, zero communication sense and had never had to pitch a reporter. I suffered what we call in the industry the case of the “greenhorn-ertis.”

Like a lot of people, I hoped that this stint in PR would magically turn me into a communications guru. I was convinced my work here would be all about incredible, life-changing moments — ones like what we see in “Sex and the City.” Instead, I came to discover that PR is not what is portrayed in TV dramas; it is actually much more, and the pace much faster.

Over the past five years, while at The Hoffman Agency, I have had my fair share of lows — reporters who flake out on interviews, spokespersons accidentally revealing a terrible secret, communication crises, endless late nights — actual blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve also had plenty of highs — my first big feature, media friends and a cadre of colleagues whom I trust, a couple of PR awards — that helped me grow into my PR shoes (which were too big for me at first).

The biggest high landed in my lap in 2014, when I was offered the opportunity to move from the Singapore office to practice PR in Shanghai. Now sitting at my desk in Shanghai typing this, it’s hard to believe, but all of those (the highs and the lows) were the best things to ever happen to me.

Google team photo

My first major media event; I even got to be an emcee. Grateful for the team’s support on that day.

Active PR folks - The Hoffman Agency

Who says PR folks aren’t active? Here we are having a regular rounders session. Being competitive and sweating our butts off.

Christmas dinner

Yearly Christmas luncheon at a restaurant. We all glammed up for it.

Shanghai group of friends - The Hoffman Agency

First year in Shanghai and dealing with winter. Thank God for good colleagues who taught me how to bundle up.

I’m a different person from the one who stepped into the Singapore office five years ago. PR has changed my life. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given here. The last half a decade has whipped me into a seasoned communicator who can hold her ground when speaking to media and CEOs.

Now, I can proudly say.

Hi. I’m Bridget Kow — Wannabe Dog Whisperer. Coffee Snob. Occasional Troublemaker. Travel Enthusiast. And most importantly, PR Professional and a Proud Hoffmanite.

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Hoffman Agency!