Idran Junadi, Former Account Director, The Hoffman Agency Singapore

Congrats to Lou and The Hoffman Agency team in Asia Pacific on your 20th anniversary. It’s a good age to be in, I reckon – old enough to show staying power, but still have the swagger of youth. Being 20 is when you feel invincible and you know that there’s still a long road ahead, but you feel ready to take it on. So all the best for the years ahead!

I have great memories of the five years I spent there. I worked with great people, had great clients and, more importantly looking back at it now, it’s the type of place that allowed me to pursue things I was passionate about to further my career growth.

When I first joined in 2010, I was the sole male staff member in an office of eight. It was awesome as the sports section of the newspaper was always in a pristine condition when it came to my turn to read it at lunch time. A colleague took a picture of me doing just that and posted it on Facebook with the caption “Putting the Man in Hoffman”.

I loved it.

While it raised a chuckle then, it’s also how I’d like to think of my days at the agency. I went through several life-changing events that made me a man, and I was surrounded by wonderful colleagues through it all.

It was at The Hoffman Agency where I proposed to my sweetheart and got married two years later. A baby followed soon after, and this dude became a dad. At the time, there was only one other fellow dad in the office, and he couldn’t be happier for me once I assured him that I’m very sure the baby was really mine. The single guys congratulated me, but also had the perplexed look as to why I would give up sleep, free time and well, having a life.

Idran Wedding Selfie 05-16

The group photo was taken by HA’s very own in-house selfie expert.

Idran - Jump Shot 05-16

A wedding is a good place as any for a HA jump shot pose.

In terms of professional development, I was also at the stage of my career where I was taking on more responsibilities, but I was also more empowered than ever before. It worked out great for me with supportive bosses and a capable team to ensure everything ran smoothly. As much as I’d like to think so, I’m sure my experience is not unique. It’s pretty much you can expect to get when you join The Hoffman Agency.

So to Lou, congrats on the foresight to set up operations in Singapore 20 years ago. It must fill you with great pleasure seeing how one small office has expanded across the region. When a company is led by such a fervent student of the art of communications as you are, it definitely sets the agency apart from the rest.

To my ex-comrades in the Singapore office, this is a good time to knock off early, head to Loof and celebrate a wonderful milestone — not like you need a reason to do so anyway. And win more industry awards please. It’s awesome to see photos of you guys on stage.

To Cassandra and the rest of Hoffmanites across Asia, enjoy being 20, and all the best for the years ahead!