September 2019

Translating a Silicon Valley Culture in Japan

By Shingo Nomura, Vice President, North Asia for The Hoffman Agency I joined The Hoffman Agency to lead its Japan office in 2002. After roughly four years at a traditional local PR company in Japan, I found the idea of blending a Silicon Valley mentality with the Japanese way quite appealing. While I didn’t understand exactly [...]

May 2016

Learning to Create Myself as a Hoffman Intern

Firstly — a huge congratulations to Hoffman for its accomplishments in the past 20 years in Asia Pacific. It’s a huge milestone, and I am so happy to be part of this celebration! Five years ago, I spent a summer interning at Hoffman Hong Kong. It represented a fun and scary [...]

March 2016

“I Couldn’t Take Those Rude Emails Anymore”

Kaori Saito launched our operation in Japan. As you’ll hear from her, she didn’t want the job. I remember a breakfast meeting at Hobee’s and her challenging me with “Why do you even think I can do this job?” But she was the right person for the job. She was a [...]