Yvonne Ng, Former Intern at The Hoffman Agency, Global Marketing Manager at Baidu

Firstly — a huge congratulations to Hoffman for its accomplishments in the past 20 years in Asia Pacific. It’s a huge milestone, and I am so happy to be part of this celebration!

Five years ago, I spent a summer interning at Hoffman Hong Kong. It represented a fun and scary time in my life, as I balanced the excitement for my last few months of academia with anxiety of entering the real world. Growing up in a talented and competitive city like Hong Kong, it is hard to feel confident in taking the (right) next step into your career. Even with a few internships under my belt, I was still uncertain of what career was right for me. But “Life isn’t about finding yourself — it is about creating yourself,” and I created a big part of myself at Hoffman.

Hoffman Agency swag

Good swag from the Hong Kong Office

It is easy to look at interns as the additional “help” around the office. But at Hoffman, they never made me feel like I was just an intern. I felt valued for my opinions and was given credit for my work. But just like everyone else on the team, I was expected to deliver quality work on time (and at Hoffman, always one step before the client!). While stressful at times, it has given me some of the best hands-on PR experience, from emceeing at media luncheons, writing branding advertorials and planning events. As I reflect back, I am so thankful for these experiences and the extra confidence that I needed before taking the leap into my career.

SAP luncheon presentation

Talking at an SAP luncheon

There will always be great jobs and opportunities, but great people don’t come around every day. I’ve learned a big part of creating yourself and life is surrounding yourself with people who care enough to give you the opportunity to create. The way Hoffman values people is what separates it from other agencies. Just reading all these 20th anniversary blog posts shared by past employees speaks so much about the agency’s culture and values!

Group eating egg tarts

Yes, eating egg tarts can be a team-building experience

I hope you’re creating the life you want. And if you’re lucky like me, you can gain a few friends and mentors along the way. 😉