Ray Schuster, who launched our Asia Pacific operation, walks our first office in Singapore during the build out.

Reconstructing Our 20-Year Journey in Asia

Obviously, it’s impossible to remember all the decisions and actions and back stories that occurred from Oct. 20, 1996 — the date we officially opened for business in Asia — to the present day.

Still, we’re going to do our best with this blog, lending a voice to all the people who have been part of our Asia Pacific journey. To borrow from a Hillary Clinton line, “It takes a village to raise an agency.”

We’re calling this blog “Chicken Rice for the Soul.” It’s about dusting off memories and sharing perspectives, framed by the intersection of East and West.

We hope it’s inspirational

We’re striving for “feel good.”

At the very least, the sharing of stories in itself is a worthy endeavor.

Along this line, the blog is open to everyone. If your path has crossed with our Asia Pacific team in some way, we would love to hear from you and publish your post.

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Ray Schuster’s interior design skills come into play in our first Singapore office.